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Doorway Sniffer

Gattathefur - Doorway Sniffer
This Illustration by The NomadCyberQueen.
Click on the illustration to read about the scene and see the monocolor original.

Ellefti var Gáttaþefur,
- aldrei fékk sá kvef,
og hafði þó svo hlálegt
og heljarstórt nef.

Hann ilm af laufabrauði
upp á heiðar fann,
og léttur, eins og reykur,
á lyktina rann.

Eleventh was Doorway Sniffer
- Who never had a cold,
Even though he had a funny
And enormous nose.

The scent of Leaf Bread
He smelled in the hills,
And lightly, like the smoke,
He followed that scent.

And now that you are here, you are impatient to see what Cyber-gift Gáttaþefur has put into your shoe tonight.
You remembered to put your shoe on the virtual windowsill last night, didn't you?
Open Shoe-present

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