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Window Peeper

Gluggagaegir - Window Peeper
This Illustration by The NomadCyberQueen.
Click on the illustration to read about the scene and see the monocolor original.

Tíundi var Gluggagægir,
grályndur mann,
sem laumaðist á skjáinn
og leit inn um hann.

Ef eitthvað var þar inni
álitlegt að sjá,
hann oftast nær seinna
í það reyndi að ná.

Tenth was Window Peeper
A grumpy lad,
Who sneaked to the window
And looked through it.

If anything was inside
Nice to look at,
He usually later
Tried to get that.

And now that you are here, you are impatient to see what Cyber-gift Gluggagægir has put into your shoe tonight.
You remembered to put your shoe on the virtual windowsill last night, didn't you?
Open Shoe-present

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