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Bowl Licker

Askasleikir - Bowl Licker
This Illustration by The NomadCyberQueen.
Click on the illustration to read about the scene and see the monocolor original.

Sá sjötti, Askasleikir,
var alveg dæmalaus. -
Hann fram undan rúmunum
rak sinn ljóta haus.

Þegar fólkið setti askana
fyrir kött og hund,
hann slunginn var að ná þeim
og sleikja á ýmsa lund.

The sixth, Bowl Licker,
Was without a peer. -
From under the beds, he
Pushed his ugly head.

When the bowls were placed
In front of cat and dog,
He cunningly snatched them
And licked till he was full.

And now that you are here, you are impatient to see what Cyber-gift Askasleikir has put into your shoe tonight.
You remembered to put your shoe on the virtual windowsill last night, didn't you?
Open Shoe-present

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