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Pot Licker

Pottasleikir - Pot Licker
This Illustration by The NomadCyberQueen.
Click on the illustration to read about the scene and see the monocolor original.

Sá fimmti, Pottasleikir,
var skrítið kuldastrá.
- Þegar börnin fengu skófir
hann barð dyrnar á.

Þau ruku' upp, til að gá að
hvort gestur væri á ferð.
Þá flýtti 'ann sér að pottinum
og fékk sér góðan verð.

The fifth, Pot Licker,
Was a weird cool lad.
As the children received scrapings,
He knocked at the door.

They rushed off to see
If a guest was dropping in.
Then he hurried to the pot,
And had a filling meal.

And now that you are here, you are impatient to see what Cyber-gift Pottasleikir has put into your shoe tonight.
You remembered to put your shoe on the virtual windowsill last night, didn't you?
Open Shoe-present

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