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Itty Bitty

Stufur - Itty Bitty
This Illustration by The NomadCyberQueen.
Click on the illustration to read about the scene and see the monocolor original.

Stúfur hét sá þriðji,
stubburinn sá.
Hann krækti sér í pönnu,
þegar kostur var á.

Hann hljóp með hana í burtu
og hirti agnirnar,
sem stundum brunnu fastar
við barminn hér og þar.

Itty Bitty was the third,
That short fellow.
He borrowed a pan,
When he could do so.

He ran away with it
And picked and ate the food-bits
That sometimes stick
To a pan here and there.

And now that you are here, you are impatient to see what Cyber-gift Stúfur has put into your shoe tonight.
You remembered to put your shoe on the virtual windowsill last night, didn't you?
Open Shoe-present

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