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The Faldbúningur was a used from late in the 18th century and up to 1860. The forerunner of Upphlutur and Peysuföt and Skautbúningur, the Faldbúningur derives its name from the Faldur, or the headdress. Other main characteristics are the short vest and the distinctive collar. Rich ornaments were worn with this costume, and it was also richly embroidered. The woman is playing the old Icelandic Langspil.

Detail of Ornaments
The Faldur is the white spade-like headpiece, which was fastened by wrapping a scarf, or scarves, around the head, completely covering the hair. The Faldur in the illustration was in use from late in the 18th century. Probably of foreign origin.

Stamp designed by Þröstur Magnússon
Image Scanned by Oþila

Detail of Ornaments
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