India Von Halkein

India Von Halkein, played by the great Mary Kay Adams, joined Guiding Light in 1984 and left in 1987. Then in 1990, she came back but left again in 1991. In November 1998, India returned once again much to my surprise but left again in 2000. India is my favourite character. When India arrived in Springfield for the first time, she was there to get back at her ex-stepmother Alexandra Spaulding. Alexandra had been married to her father Leo Von Halkein, in Andorra and India thought she never cared for him, or her. She was hell-bent on the reclaiming her family's fortune. India blackmailed Alex's nephew into marriage but at that time Phillip was in love with Beth but India didn't seem to care. Conveniently an old family friend, Dr. Lyon, came visiting and India employed the services of his never-fail love potion. India began to mega-dose Phillip with the potion in hopes of becoming pregnant. But before India's desires came true, Phillip became ill from the potion and India was exposed for drugging Phillip.

Many then assumed that India had killed Andy Ferris. Warren had been gaslighting India in an attempt to make her confess or bring forth the tape, which India had re-acquired on the eve of the murder. Lujack escaped from prison and went on the run with Beth. Phillip, once well, demanded a divorce and suddenly India disappeared! India had been kidnapped by the real killer, Floyd Parker. After India was rescued, she and Phillip grew closer for a bit and did finally truly consummate their marriage. India however got insanely jealous of Phillip's close friendship with Beth. Phillip spent a lot of time with Beth and that made India furious. In 1986, India had a little affair with a man named Simon Hall. Simon was claiming to be Alex's long lost brother but of course that was all a lie. When Phillip found out that India was cheating on him, he finally got a divorce. After that Simon got involved with Jesse Matthews and Phillip got involved with Beth, leaving poor India alone. India tried to blackmail Simon into marriage but that didn't work out.

At this time Phillip learned that India was stealing money from the Spaulding foundation so he had her arrested. India's punishment was that she had to serve community service at a juvenile delinquent home. There she met a young girl named Dorie Smith. India took Dorie to Andorra and they stayed there for a while. When India returned to Springfield she was accused of kidnapping Dorie. It was later revealed that Dorie went on her own free will so India was let off the hook. India grew to care so much for Dorie that she eventually adopted her. Soon India opened a very popular Art Gallery. She and Alan Spaulding got into the black art marked together. Alan smuggled the paintings to the states through India's Gallery. The police eventually found out and Alan was arrested. India however fled to Andorra with Dorie, to be with her sick father. Alan and India were also romantically involved at one time. India's friend through all this was Fletcher's girlfriend, Maeve Stoddard. She was very good to India and brought out India's sensitive side.

In August 1990, India ran into Phillip on a deserted island in Italy. Phillip had just faked his death and was hiding. India was of course the last person he wanted to run into. Phillip agreed to give India stock in Spaulding if she promised not to tell anyone of his plans and return to Springfield to check on Beth for him. So India returned to Spaulding and informed Alexandra that she was Phillip's heir! She got involved with Gary Swanson but he only wanted her because of her money. Eventually India played a critical role in getting Phillip exonerated and reuniting him with Beth. With nothing left for her in Springfield and Dorie abroad, India once again returned to Andorra. For a while I didn't think we would ever see India again, but I was wrong. India came back in 1998 and was determined to get her hands on the Spaulding bank account. She got involved with Ross Marler but that didn't last for long. India also began to rekindle her attraction to Alan after helping Alan rescue Lizzie from Annie Dutton. As thanks, Alan agreed to fund Dorie's school expenses. As of March, 2000 India is in the South of France visiting Alexandra. I hope she'll return to Springfield soon.

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